Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Writer's Lament

Alas, the writer's rite of passage is an endless journey spent searching for just the right words to write---the right thing to say to convey meaning to someone other than the writer.
Here's to all writers in search of the full measure of meaning contained in the fewest, most expressive words. And apologies in advance to e e cummings.

Writers’ Rites
By Bill Kirk

they are a funny lot
seeming never to be satisfied
with just any old word
instead they are
constantly in search of
just the right one
to convey
just the right meaning
and to nestle in
just the right spot
in a well-strung string
of other such particular words
which will of course
if well chosen
punctuate a thought
in the most righteous way

woe is he or she
whose evasive word
is indeed lost
for it is likely
in the company
of a muse
who has excused herself
for parts unknown
sadly leaving
the forlorn word lover
unamused to
suffer in silence
these are the rites
of the un-written writer
seeking just the right words to write

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