Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Had A Moment In Church Today

I had a moment in church today. It was during the prelude as our organist played Ave Maria. The music was hauntingly beautiful. But what it made me think of was the masterful creativity that went into its composition, much less just the playing of it hundreds of years after it was written. It was awesome, as some might say these days.

That's when I got to thinking about my own level of creativity and what others might consider me good at doing---you know one of those moments when one might reflect on whether one's efforts might be deemed worthy. I mean, I play around on the guitar a little and I like to play with words, particularly words written in rhyme. But how does that stack up, really? Am I good at it or just mildly entertaining---a brief, perhaps clever or humorous diversion but not for so long that it becomes tiresome.

Sometimes, a series of carefully selected notes or chords or a painting or sculpture can do that; can challenge the very supposition that the things we do are a meaningful measure of a particular talent or skill or even knack.

Most days, I think I might settle for a knack---either one I, in fact, may have or one others simply think I have.


  1. Don't forget the children who may begin a life-long love of poetry after reading There's a Spider in my Sink. Or a child who learns to read because the rhyme is something he can memorize - such an important step in pre-reading.

    Who are we to say that a gasp is greater than a giggle?

  2. Very true, Susan. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe giggles are simply on the other end of the giggle-gasp spectrum. Here's hoping there are at least a few children touched by the little spider's story.