Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bend-ward Bound

Hi, folks STOP

Just a short note on my way out the door, bound for Bend, Oregon STOP

A group of artists and authors who are published by Guardian Angel Publishing is gathering in Bend (and Redmond, OR) for a GAP-West "Meet and Greet" plus a group book signing at a Barnes and Noble store in Bend on Saturday, September 19 STOP

Looking forward to seeing everyone and reading to the kids STOP

More news to follow STOP

Kirk out



  1. Aw, I wish I could go! Have fun, and good luck on the group signing, BIll!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Christina. It was a good trip; my first official book signing and my first trip to Central Oregon---starkly beautiful volcanic scenery.

    The B&N store gave us excellent support and it was very interesting interacting with the folks coming into the store---our signing table was right by the front door. We got the full spectrum of customers from those who took time to stop, to those running the other way (as if we were petition signature seekers).

    The most fun was reading to the kids and watching which book covers caught their attention. They are the most honest critics from first glance to parental purchase. No equivocation there.