Friday, April 23, 2010

Poem A Day Challenge For April 23

April 23: “For today's prompt, write an exhausted poem. The poem can be a first person account of your own exhaustion, or it can describe the exhaustion of someone (or something) else. Heck, I guess it even could be about exhaust, huh?“

I must say, getting this rhyme to fall was like pulling teeth. And it may still need a bit of work. I'm exhausted....

Exhaustion Is A Drag
By Bill Kirk

Exhaust is just an output;
Exhaustion? Work’s accrual—
When outputs surpass inputs,
Or work demands more fuel.

To counter your exhaustion
You’ll need to get some rest.
Add ample food and water,
To feel your very best.

But if you keep on pushing—
Light candles at both ends,
You’ll burn out far too quickly
And illness never mends.

It’s better when you balance
Some down time with your zest.
So, when you face a challenge,
You’ll be up to the test.

1 comment:

  1. First my husband reminding me to take it easy sometimes, and now you! I need a poem on developing better time management skills.