Friday, March 4, 2011

Numbers Rap

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, here's a jaunty little rhyme for March. I was once told in a very nice rejection letter that a serious math journal wouldn't publish such doggerel. But that's all right. It was fun to write. Enjoy.

"Numbers Rap"
by Bill Kirk

Numbers, Numbers, all around us.
Numbers, numbers, they astound us!

Integers can be quite mental;
Fractions, never transcendental.

Counting numbers may well taunt you.
But ignore them and they'll haunt you!

Adding them to do your sums,
May take fingers, toes and thumbs.

If subtraction is your game,
Minus signs, you'll need to tame.

Try division if you're able.
Multiply? You'll need a table.

Odd times odd is odd, not even.
Odd times even's "even Steven."

Do your tens to reach a million;
Times a thousand is a billion!

When you're counting, don't be frugal.
Who knows? You might reach a googol!

Learning numbers is a quest.
To succeed, just do your best.


  1. That rap is slammin!!! I'm a 7th grade math and science teacher and I'm going to perform this rap for my students! i will either be cool or still a nerd!