Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem A Day Challenge for April 14 - 17

Regretably, I was away from my home base and unable to post my daily poems after April 13. So, now I am catching up and will post three or four a day until I reach the end of the April challenge. Although I much prefer the daily postings, this will have to do....

April 14—Write an “Ain’t none of my business” poem.

None Of My Business But…
By Bill Kirk

I know you may think
This ain’t none of my business,
But why did you stuff that soda can
Into the planter box outside the restaurant?
Who’s your mother this week, anyway?

And did you figure no one would mind
Your lighting up in the airport bathroom stall?
What were you smoking anyway?

I gotta tell you it was pretty clever
The way you spray painted your name
Halfway up Half Dome—I guess you’re probably right.
If John Miur had had spray paint in his day,
No doubt he would have done the same thing—NOT!

Give me a break! You may think
This ain’t none of my business.
But think again.

April 15—Write a profile poem—a social media profile, your own profile or someone else’s.

(Note: For some reason, this assignment was difficult—just couldn’t get my head wrapped around it. I gotta say, to me a person’s social media profile is not all that poetic. And then there are the dating/matching profiles, the professional networking profiles, author site profiles and the various ISP provider profiles. Nope—those ideas still don’t help in the poetry department. I suppose one could read “profile” literally and describe a silhouette in poetic fashion as a type of profile. I’ll leave that to someone else to try.)

Can You Believe Some People?
By Bill Kirk

Six feet-two, eyes of blue,
MA, PhD or two.
Soon I’ll be in a town near you.

Sure I’m special—sure I rate.
Don’t say no and don’t be late.
Dinner, dancing, it’s a date.

Yep. That’s my photo on the net.
Rugged, slim and trim? You bet!
Come on. Don’t play hard to get.

OK. Tall, may be a stretch.
School and job? I’m quite a wretch.
You saw me listed as a letch?

Whadya mean I have some gall?
You say the date’s off after all?
Change your mind, give me a call.

Can you believe some people?

April 16—Write a snapshot poem—something that makes you think of a photograph.

Flash Point
By Bill Kirk

The old man stands ramrod straight
Behind the proper lady seated
In a white gingham dress
That covers all from her neck to the floor,
But the toes of her shoes.
Their piercing eyes gaze ahead.

A long row of buttons stand out
Against his dark suit.
The brass tips of a tightly woven
String tie dangle nearly frozen,
Swaying ever so slightly;
Her hands shift then settle
As they both take one last breath—
One-two-three, don’t blink.

April 17—Write a “Big Picture” poem (covering big ideas, emotions or concepts).

In Search Of The Next Big Thing
By Bill Kirk

Is it the idea itself or
The thrill of the search
That spurs us on to discover
The next big thing?
Is leaving well enough alone
Ever really good enough?
If it were, would we be
Where we are today?
Or would we instead
Still be mired in a distant past
Unable to see beyond
The current reality,
Thus leaving human progress
Dead in its tracks?

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