Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Mother Of All Blog Comment Challenges

OK. I shoulda shared this link several days ago along with some of my other resolution related comments. But in my defense, I didn't find out about it until the day after it started. What is it you ask? It's basically a behavior modification tool---doing something to develop a habit through repetion.

Admitedly I was a little skeptical at first. I mean, how did I think I would be able to add this into my already time crunched schedule? Besides, I've already let one or two of my resolutions slide. So, I was a little worried about my resolution to blog more and to expand my view of the blogging world by visiting and commenting on other blogs.

But what better way to reinforce that goal than by participating in a group challenge. Sure we've all heard about the couple in Fiji and a mystic on Madagascar who are self-disciplined enough to get up in the morning and hit the blog circuit as they sip their cup of joe or other stimulating beverage. For the rest of us, a little structure to nudge us along can be a good thing.

Herewith I offer you the link to the Mother Reader website where the Comment Challenge is described and the participants listed. In one place you will find lots of blogs written by folks just like you and me: writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers and lots of others interested in books and blogging and other such things.

The idea is to pick five blogs a day to visit and comment. Although initially I got caught up in blog surfing and couldn't seem to get to the commenting part, after three or four days, I started to get a bit more efficient. First, you get the visiting and commenting on the five sites done and everything else is gravy. Then, lo and behold, in no time you'll be firmly planted in the five-blogs-a-day groove and your resolution is secure.

Along the way, you will encounter lots of really neat blogs written by people you have a lot in common with. Maybe they homeschool their kids or work in a library or love to travel or are wondering how to promote their books. Maybe they grew up in a military family or have two dogs and three cats or live in Australia.

I suppose in some ways it's like speed dating, not that I've ever done that. But I watched a speed dating segment on "What Would You Do?" once. All I can say is, if speed dating had been around back when I was trying to get up the courage to ask a girl out, I wouldn't have survived. But I digress. If the idea of beefing up your blogging appeals to you, click here to check out the challenge at Mother Reader and you, too, may get hooked.

I know. I know. You'll be starting a little late by a few days. But I hear they do this every year. So, what do you have to lose? Maybe I'll see you around the blogosphere, like two ships passing in the night. It could happen....


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Bill. Commenting on blogs does take time out of your day, but it's nice to connect with kidlit bloggers who share the same passions. BTW, I enjoyed scrolling through your blog!

  2. Likewise, Blessy. I agree visiting blogs does take time, which is probably the barrier I have struggled with before. But now that I have made it the first thing I do even before I check my e-mails, it seems a lot easier and fun. Feel free to follow my blog if you wish---and to visit my website. My site is home grown but I'm having fun with the creative part of it.

  3. I love the idea of it as blog speed dating! I might have to steal that for the finishing post. Thanks for joining the Comment Challenge and getting out there in kidlitosphere!

  4. I agree, it's been fun visiting other blogs and seeing all the variety of kid lit blogs out there. I too got caught up in the reading before I remembered that part of the challenge is also joining the discussion.

  5. Thanks to each of you for stopping by. The Comment Challenge has been fun both as visitor and visited.

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