Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybe It's Time To Double Check The Dead Bolt

This short piece may best be read in the light of day....

The Visitor
By Bill Kirk

Three sharp taps on the door beckon.

Should I wait or should I go?
Why would anyone be knocking at this hour?
Can’t see much through the peephole.
Why didn’t I change that light bulb last week?

If I just stay quiet,
Maybe the visitor will go away.
Besides, I just wanted
Some time to myself tonight—
Don’t really feel like “being home” for anyone.

A presence is almost palpable
Out there in the darkess,
Waiting. Watching.
How long has he been outside anyway,
This visitor?

Has he seen me?
Does he know I’m inside?
Does he sense my hesitation?
Does he know his knock has
Left me wary and wondering?
Where’s that bat I put in the closet?

But what if it’s important?
Could it be a neighbor?
The Police?
Has there been an accident?
What if someone’s hurt?

Three sharp taps on the door beckon….


  1. Thanks for dropping by, Susan. I blame it on the prompt to write a "Visitor" poem. Sometimes, you just never know where a topic will take you....