Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem A Day Challenge, Day Seven

This is a short poem, the prompt for which was write a poem about two people interacting with out talking.  As it turns out this prompt arrived on April 7, my wife's birthday.  The poem is whistful and hopeful, conjuring up all the other feelings someone has when "the one" appears, if only briefly.

There She Is
By Bill Kirk

There she is.

Across the crowded platform
Stands a slip of a girl
In a whisp of a summer dress,
Swirling with the coming and going
Of each passing train.
Which one will be hers, he wonders?

The boy gushes a hope-filled glance in her direction.
And she, sensing an extrasensory broadcast
As if from a distant universe,
Scans the panoply of possible senders—
First, around her; then at a distance.

For one brief moment, eye contact.
His hopeful stare and slight upward nod,
Rewarded almost imperceptively
By her barely uplifting eyebrow
And the slightest curl of a smile.
In that moment she is his.

Then she is gone.

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