Sunday, July 1, 2012

When One Rejection Deserves Another

Don't some rejections just irritate the muse right out of you?  I'm talking about the ones that don't tell you anything about what you wrote.  Perhaps the sender is just being kind in a silent sort of way.  But still....

Temptation Resisted
By Bill Kirk

In the context of the writing craft,
Some rejections
Are easier to take than others.

The best ones are those
That leave reason for hope
Or even those that
Harshly jab at one’s sensitivities
To clearly make a much needed point.

Those are the ones
I can live with and learn from.
For at least I know
Where I stand
And have an idea
Where I need to move.

Others without a hint of
Having been humanly handled,
Aren’t worth the paper
The reasons for rejection aren’t written on.
Why, that’s a non-rejection plain and simple.

Personally, those are the ones
I mentally reject in return,
Fully satisfied with having
Saved a stamp by not sending a follow-up letter,
Although sometimes I’m tempted.

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